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Our Vision

The policy of the University of Bahri as stipulated in its act has been geared to attain its educational, research and informational goals and to empower

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Why Bahri ?


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Vice-Chancellor’s Message

Welcome, to the website of the University of Bahri, which has been recently designed to provide up to date information on our educational programs

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Students Procedures



The University of Bahri, though a recent addition to the set of Sudanese universities, is a university that inherited rooted traditions from its predecessors of Juba, Upper Nile, Bahr El Ghazal and Rumbeik universities. The University  of Bahri was officially inaugurated in July 2011. Due to the political strive that ensued in Sudan through 1983 to 2005. The University of Juba was relocated in Khartoum from 1988 to 2010. During this period it underwent massive transformations incorporating newer academic dimensions in the form of new colleges and centres that offer a diversity of regular academic programs as well as distant education.

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Social Media

Medical and Health Services

This unit provides health care to the students, workers and their families. It also performs medical examination for the newly admitted students, and it keeps a medical file for each student during his/her stay in the university.


Directorate of Cultural Relations and Information

Directorate of Quality and Development

This directorate aims at drawing general policy and prescribing procedures for planning, quality assurance and professional development in the different entities affiliated to the university.

Deanship of Academic Research

The Deanship of Academic Research aims at: Stimulating a spirit of high-caliber scientific research through the adoption of rigorous and objective methodology….

Deanship of Libraries

The university Library provides services to the students, staff, researchers and workers. It also supervises libraries of the colleges outside the main campus. The library has a considerable collection of books and journals.

Amendment of a Student’s Name

A student whose name is wrongly cited in the Sudan School Certificate must correct it by referring his /her legal supporting documents to the Directorate-General of Examination.

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Academic Advisor

Throughout the course of study in the University each student shall have an academic advisor. An academic advisor is a staff member nominated by the respective department and endorsed by the college/centre/ board….

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The National Code

The national code designates the number of the admission application form for which a student was nominated to a college in the University of Bahri. Every student shall confirm he/she has a national code to….

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