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The college of social and Economic Studies was established in 2011 and is also considered as a continuation of college of social and economic studies of the University of Juba which was founded in 1975 and that of  Bahar ElGhazal University (1993). Until 1996 the previous college at the University of Juba offers Bachelor of Arts in Economic, Social, and Management Studies after which the Management Sciences became an independent body known as school of Management Sciences and later was upgraded to a college.



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[alert heading=” color=”#000000″ close=”false” style=”” id=”” class=””]Excellent and innovative institution that takes part in development and problem solving in areas of social and economic studies[/alert]


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[alert heading=”” color=”#000000″ close=”false” style=”” id=”” class=””]To develop highly educated, competent and skilled students capable of contributing in socioeconomic and educational development[/alert]
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  • To provide our students with highly quality in statistical skills & statistical package in socio- economic studies.
  • To promote knowledge and skills through statistical programs.
  • To train human resources in communities studies & human development.
  • To conduct research on statistical studies through graduate studies
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The college offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the following specializations:


Economics Statistics and demography Political sciences Economics and banking studies International relation through distance education.