Talat Dafalla Abdel Magid
Bahri El-Ingaz Street, West Railway – Sudan.

Tel: +249 (155) 888430 – +249 (155) 888431.
Fax: +249 (155) 882052.
P.O Box: 1660 – Khartoum.
E-Mail: vic@bahri.edu.sd.

Date of birth (optional) 1\1\ 1957

Department : Forestry

College : Natural  Resources and Environmental Studies

Deputy Vice Chancellor University of Bahri, Sudan.


Four continuous decades of scientific and field work in the field of forests, environment and natural resources, Author and co-author of twenty-three books on the environment, forests and natural resources, the most famous of which is the book by the International Forest Research Organization on the adaptation of people and forests to climate change.
Researcher and published more than sixty scientific papers inside and outside Sudan. Speaker and presenter at conferences and forums, consultant in technical and scientific studies in the field of environment and forests for forty-five consultations.
Participant in scientific forums in the field of environment and forests in Africa, Asia and Europe. Member of the Earth Summit in Johannesburg. Editor-in-Chief, Forestry & Environment Magazine, Environment and Natural Resources Journal. Former director of afforestation and reforestation project at the Sudan’s ForestsNationalCorporation. Participated in formulating strategies in the field. Supervisor and examiner for MSc and PhD studies in Sudanese universities. Editor and translator for studies and editorial material in national and global documents.