About College of Languages


University of Bahri, established in 2011, its center for language and translation is a continuous of the University of Juba center for languages and translation which was established in1998 to meet the need for the existence of such academic institution. The need grew even greater when English and Arabic were declared as media of teaching and lecturing in the Sudanese Universities.

Guided by the (Sudanese) educational policy the center focused on all diverse aspects of knowledge about foreign and local language and translation at both levels of theory and application.

The perspective, the message and the aims and translation of the center for language e and translation are therefore passed to and adopted by the new college of language.



The college is planned as a model to offer grate lingual facilities for the improvement of the students reading, writing, listening and communication skills (competence and performance).



The college aims at offering specialized educational programmers focusing on language and translation.It shall also work documentary sources of Sudanese local language.





The college shall work for:

  1. Qualifying and training the student in languages and translation.
  2. The enrichment of scientific research in areas related to language and translation.
  3. Meeting the Sudanese society needs in all areas of language and translation.
  4. Encouraging student to study the local language as well as giving them due attention and support.
  5. Initiating creative partnership with other Universities and research institutions with similar interest.
  6. Offering advice and services in the field of languages and translation.


The college shall adopt and use the following techniques:

  1. Designing advanced programmers to catch up with the development in the fields of language and translation keeping an eye on the immediate and future needs.
  2. Providing technical and material aids such as language laboratories, electronic libraries and all necessary equipment used in simultaneous interpretation.
  3. Calling in qualified and specialist linguists and translation specialists and professional interpreters.
  4. Working in smart partnership with similar institutions and colleges.

College Administration:


Dr. Zaki Abdel-Kareem Osman Dean of the College
Osama Mohammed seed Deputy Dean of the College
Nagi Obaid Naeem Examinations Officer’s
Abbas IshagEldoma Registrar

Contact Us

E-mail: lt@bahri.edu.sd