The National Code

The national code designates the number of the admission application form for which a student was nominated to a college in the University of Bahri. Every student shall confirm he/she has a national code to guarantee the future authentication of his/her degree by the Ministries of Higher Education and Foreign Affairs.

Amendment of a Student’s Name

A student whose name is wrongly cited in the Sudan School Certificate must correct it by referring his /her legal supporting documents to the Directorate-General of Examination.  A student who has his/her name amended without following the above procedure, his/her university degree might not be authenticated.

Academic Advisor

  1. Throughout the course of study in the University each student shall have an academic advisor. An academic advisor is a staff member nominated by the respective department and endorsed by the college/centre/ board.
  2. Beside the normal duties and responsibilities, an academic advisor is expected to:
  3. Provide academic guidance and follow-up the student’s progress and performance.
  4. Provide general counselling on non-academic issues and refer student(s), when necessary, to the appropriate support units through the normal channels.
  5. The academic advisor should submit at the end of each semester a report to his/her respective department for evaluation.
  6. A student has the right to appeal for the replacement of his/her academic advisor if the relationship between the two has become unsatisfactory.