The Secretariat for Academic Affairs supervises the registration of students in collaboration with the colleges and centres. The Secretariat announces the starting date and deadline for registration. All procedures for registration are completed in the respective colleges according to the following sequence of steps for each category of students.

A-   Registration Period

The calendar of dates is proposed by the Deans Board and approved by the Senate. Such calendar is usually announced two weeks before the end of the previous academic year.


B-    Registration of Newly admitted Students

The procedures

  1. Medical checkup.
  2. Signing an academic undertaking before the assistant registrar for student’s affairs.
  3. Payment of fees at the bank.
  4. Receiving student’s ID from the assistant registrar for student’s affairs.
  5. Meeting the head of the department for assigning of the academic advisor and any other academic instructions.

C-   Registration for upper classes

Registration for upper classes shall be completed as follows:

  • Obtaining and filling up the registration form
  • Payment of fees at the bank.
  • Receiving student’s ID from the assistant registrar for student’s affairs.

 D- Freeze or delay of Registration

 (1) Conditions:

  1. Freeze of registration may be allowed after completion of registration formalities, and during a period of time not exceeding one week as from the beginning of registration.
  2. The maximum period for freeze of registration shall be two academic years for the whole course of study of a certain programme.
  3. A student who fails to register during the specified time and delayed by a maximum period of one week will be allowed to register only after the payment of a financial fine. For a delay of more than a week, a student shall be advised to freeze registration for that semester.

 (2) Procedures:

  1. A student desiring to freeze registration shall fill-in the relevant form after payment of fees set for freeze of registration.
  2. A student is allowed to quit classes only after receiving a written notification from the Academic Secretariat approving freeze of registration.

Upon expiry of freeze period, a student shall immediately start registration formalities and pays full registration fees

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