Vision & Mission

The policy of the University of Bahri as stipulated in its act has been geared to attain its educational, research and informational goals and to empower the post-continual learning, the modernization and development of knowledge via broad vision, mission, goals and objectives. The University aspires to become more distinguished from its predecessor universities in the Sudan by the establishment of rigorous academic and administrative systems and orientation toward technical training in relevant fields. This could maintain concurrency with a fast changing world. In the meantime it seeks to adopt the advantages of its predecessors and surmount their pitfalls.


The University of Bahri aspires to become the leading knowledge enterprise in Africa and the Arab world.


The University of Bahri strives toward achieving excellent education, useful scientific research and endeavours to meet the needs of Sudanese community and maintain concurrency with the rapid changes of the world of today.

Governing Values:

In pursuit of its vision and mission, the University of Bahri is committed to and guided by the following values: – Community obligation – Ethical commitment – Knowledge and continuous education – Quality and achievement – Diversity and comprehensiveness – Freedom and responsibility – Participation and support – Environmental awareness.


To provide distinct programs in response to the needs of community – To attain long-term objectives of high professional quality – To offer incentives to students and enable them to make full use of knowledge and skills in their personal and professional life.


To raise the standard of capacity building – To enable students to make full use of their knowledge and skills – To associate the community with its cultural heritage – To maintain connections and links with similar institutions – To strengthen education and cultural collaborations with worldwide distinguished universities.