Vice-Chancellor’s Message

Welcome, to the website of the University of Bahri, which has been recently designed to provide up to date information on our educational programs, research activities, administrative service    and our contribution to the community development. Established in July 2011, following the    secession of the southern Sudan into a sovereign country. The University of Bahri is not a new    academic institution, it is in fact a successor to the University of Juba and the other former southern national universities (i.e., Bahr El Ghazal, Upper Nile and Rumbeik) in Sudan. The University of Juba was founded in 1975 in Juba, and it was relocated to Khartoum in 1989, due to insecurity situations in south Sudan caused by the second civil war, which lasted for more than two decades (1983-2005). Following the separation of the south Sudan, the University of Juba and the other southern national universities were also partitioned in accordance with nationality of the students, academic staff and other employees. Thereafter, the University of Juba moved to its birth place in Juba, while its Khartoum campus had been renamed “University of Bahri”, with the mandate to carry out all the academic and non-academic activities formerly exercised by the University of Juba when it was in the Republic of Sudan. It is with this rich and diverse academic legacy that the University of Bahri has established itself firmly among the national leading universities.

Today, the University of Bahri possesses a well-developed campus in Khartoum North (i.e., Bahri), encompassing more than 493,000 square meters, with adequate lecture halls, well equipped laboratories, workshops and other facilities, necessary for a conducive learning environment. The university has more than 830 highly qualified and dedicated academic staff members, over 20,000 students, with 19 colleges and three specialized centres, covering a diverse array of disciplines. In addition, the university has inherited a large number of high standards technical and supporting cadres. As such, our academic programs have continued without interruption, with the graduation of 1,876 students in 2012, as the first batch of graduates. The same legacy will enable the university to reach new heights and assume a greater role in Sudan and the world in the future.

The University of Bahri aspires to become the leading knowledge enterprise in Africa and the Arab world, through adherence to the standards of quality and excellence in teaching, research and community services. Since its inception in 2011, the University of Bahri has made remarkable changes and transformation in its academic programs and the physical environment crucial for the accomplishment of its mission. These include major revision and restructuring of the academic programs and introduction of new disciplines, in order to meet the demands of the rapidly changing global community, to equip our students with the contemporary knowledge and prepare them for high professional standards and a brighter future. We have made major improvement in the learning facilities, infrastructure and the whole academic environment that will provide a suitable foundation where students can excel in their study and professional development. We have enhanced our collaborative links and will continue to increase our cooperation with globally reputable universities, research institutions, businesses and the community. We are confident that with the enthusiasm and support of our staff and students, the University of Bahri will attain greater heights in the few years to come. We invite you to visit our website to have more insights about our educational programs, research activities and the contributions and research interests of our academics.