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University Logo

شعار الجامعة 


The logo of the University consists of:

  1. Open books: A source of knowledge signifying learning and academic achievement.
  2. Small black circles behind the books: Symbolising readers.
  3. Multiple images of books and readers in a circle: Symbolising, continuity and diversity of activities, it also gives an indication to dialogue, team-work and perfection.
  4. Centre of the circle containing the initials of the University in both languages Arabic and English: Emphasising local, regional and global links.
  5. Outer frame of the logo in the form of a shield: Indicating the uniqueness of the university and symbolising perfection and strength.
  6. Green colour background: Symbolising development in all fields.
  7. Black colour: Symbolising clarity and righteousness.
  8. White colour: Symbolising purity and transparency.
  9. University name written under the Logo in both Arabic and English: Symbolising deep roots and originality.