The Senate

The Senate of the University of Bahri had its first meeting in October 2011. A total of 8 meetings were held up to the end of June, 2013.

The Senate is the supreme academic organ of the University and it works within the policies and programs described by the Council. Its composition and functions are stipulated in the University of Bahri Act 2011. In order to exercise its functions, the senate can make rules for its business and can set up committees.

Rules of procedure:

Chairmanship of meetings

1. The Vice-Chancellor shall be the Chairperson of the Senate.
2. In the absence of the Vice-Chancellor the Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall be the Chairperson of the Senate. In the absence of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Senate shall elect the Chairperson from amongst its members.
3. The Secretary for Academic Affairs shall be the rapporteur of the Senate. The rapporteur shall receive items for the agenda, shall call meetings, and shall be responsible for the preparation and circulation of the minutes/proceedings of meetings.
4. The Senate may adjourn any meeting or debate to a future time.
5. If less that one half of the number of the members of Senate is present, the Chairperson shall declare the meeting at an end or adjourned to such a time, as he/she shall direct.
6. Notices of every meeting together with an agenda of items to be discussed shall normally be dispatched to each member three-five days before such meeting.
7. All notices of items for the agenda normally reach the Secretary one week before the day of the meeting.

Conduct of Business:

1. The Secretary in consultation with the Chairperson shall draw the agenda for each meeting.
2. The Senate shall consider the items on the agenda in the order in which they have been arranged provided that the Chairperson may, if he/she deems necessary, revise the agenda.
3. A member, may, under any other business (AOB) initiate discussion on any subject which is not on the agenda.
4. The Chairperson shall declare the opening and closing of each meeting, direct the discussions, accord permission to speak and preserve order at meetings.
5. A member may propose a motion in respect of any item on the agenda. A member may, with consent of the mover of a motion propose an amendment thereto. If seconded, a motion or amendment shall be put for debate.
6. A motion shall be put to the vote if the debate thereon has been concluded, and no consensus achieved.
7. Each member present shall have one vote. The Chairperson shall, in addition to his/her original vote, have a casting vote which he/she may use in the case of equality of votes.
8. The Senate shall vote normally by show of hands. The Chairperson shall announce the number of those who voted for or against the motion, the number of those who abstained from voting and then declare the result.
9. The Senate shall establish Standing Committees which, shall be entrusted with such functions, as the Senate deems appropriate. The Chairperson of such Committees shall be the Chairperson of the Senate or any other member delegated by him/her to act on his/her behalf.
10.The Senate may establish Ad-hoc Committees which shall be entrusted with specific functions. The Chairperson of the Senate shall appoint the Chairpersons of such Committees.
11.The Senate may amend any of these rules, provided that such amendment shall have the concurrence of two-thirds of all members of the Senate.

Members of the Senate:

1. Vice-Chancellor
2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor
3. Principal
4. Deans of Colleges and Dean of Student Affairs
5. Librarian
6. Directors of Centres.
7. Heads of Departments
8. All Professors
9. One representative for every seven staff members of each School,  Centre that has no Departments.
10. Two members representing Students Union.
11. Secretary of Academic Affairs, member and rapporteur.
12. Deputy Deans.

Rules of Procedure:

1. These rules shall apply to all Standing Committees of the Senate, formed under section 26 of the University of Bahri Act 2011.
2. Unless otherwise stated each Committee shall elect a secretary from amongst its members.
3. Elected or nominated members shall serve for a term of two years and shall be eligible for re-election or re-nomination.
4. The Chairperson of the Committee may invite any person to attend meetings, provided that such a person shall have no vote.
5. The Committee normally meets at least once each semester.
6. The Committee shall meet on the invitation of the Secretary in consultation with the Chairperson. The Secretary shall be responsible for the preparation and circulation of notices and minutes.
7. More than half the total number of members shall constitute a quorum.
8. A Committee may make additional rules governing the detailed conduct of its business.