1. Every student must care for the property of the University, that of its employees, and others. He/she must moreover, maintain the name of the University and its employees, as well as maintaining the University environment at large.
  2. Every student must respect religions and beliefs, and refrain from whatsoever might abuse them.
  3. Every student must respect general values and moralities of the society at large, and that of the University community in particular.
  4. Every student must refrain from involving in any behavior that would jeopardize his/her security, health or safety, or the security, health or safety of others, defame, or degrade them.
  5. Every student must respect, and cooperate with his/her teachers, and all the University employees within the context of formal and educational relations.
  6. Every student must respect the sanctity of residential areas and those in the circumference of the campus; towards which he/she must observe good conduct.
  7. Every student must observe good conduct in the University, and all of its facilities never disturb public peace and order, nor act contrary to rules complied with during lectures, examinations, symposia or other in-house activities, or out-door activities in which the university participates, in addition to refraining from inciting chaos in boarding houses.
  8. Students interested in using their private cars or vehicles must register their plate numbers at the Student Deanship or with the University Guard Unit. They must abide by parking them at designated parking lots, being aware that the University shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of such cars or vehicles.
  9. Every student must refrain from :
  10. Taking or being in possession of any drug or intoxicant substance at any of the University sites, or entering thereto after having used or being in possession of such substances.
  11. Taking snuff, smoking, chewing gum and other similar substances in offices, laboratories, classrooms, examination halls, libraries or cafeterias.
  12. Brining in, or being in possession of whatever type of arms, or any other material, the use of which within the University campus, might endanger the security or safety of others.
  13. Playing cards or similar games, whatever they might, be within the University campus.
  14. Intermingling with members of the other sex at dark and out of sight places.
  15. Abuse of computer or other means of communication for purposes harmful for the University, or any of its employees, or any other immoral purposes.
  16. Impersonation of others in matters relating to the University, and its affairs, or speaking for the University without being authorized to do so.
  17. Taking unauthorized cognizance of confidential, or personal information of any of the University employees, or propagating, or helping unauthorized persons   to gain access to such information.
  18. Organizing, or taking part in activities or events within the University campus, or publishing posters, or leaflets, or circulating them, or raising funds or donations, or collecting signatures without the prior consent of the concerned authorities.
  19. Undermining or abusing national unity in words or deeds or calling for joining anti-national organizations.
  20. Counterfeiting or using counterfeit documents, certificates, or other official records being issued by the University or any other body, so long as such instruments relate to a student relation with the University, or procedures of enrollment therein, or intentionally damaging parts or all of the contents of such instruments, or acquiring them through unlawful means.
  21. Intentionally abusing, damaging or subverting any of the University installations or property, or attempting to do so, altering or removing them without the prior consent of the concerned authorities, or involving in any attitude that might reversely affect the University environment and facilities.
  22. Student`s disruption of order, or violation of code of conduct that he/she is obliged to observe while being under investigation and disciplinary action.
  23. It is not at all allowed to stage a sit-in within the University premises, or any other related locations, or use its buildings for any purpose not authorized by the University Regulations.
  24. It is unlawful for any student to refrain from mentioning his/her correct name, or the correct name of his/her college, or abstain from showing or handing over his/her University Identity card, whenever requested by an authorized official to do so.


  • A student must abide, with regard to his/her appearance by decent dress code that conforms to sound taste.
  • Male students must be dressed in trousers and shirts, or the national uniform, and avoid wearing clothes that bear bizarre drawings or inscriptions.
  • In addition to the provisions of paragraph :1, female students must abide by the controls provided for by the Higher Education Regulations pertaining to general appearance which stipulate female student dress to be:
  • Long and covering body, including head.
  • Baggy, neither tight, nor transparent, nor revealing body features.
  • Neither with short sleeves, nor open from front or behind.
  • Bearing no bizarre drawings or inscriptions.
















Whoever violates these regulations shall be subjected to penalties that shall be imposed by the Vice Chancellor after constituting an investigation board followed by a disciplinary board. Penalties shall include:

  • Warning
  • Payment of fine or compensation in respect to damage to property
  • Prohibition or suspension from a given activity indefinitely or for a specified period
  • Suspension from the University for certain period of time
  • Dismissal from the University