Medical and Health Services Unit

This unit provides health care to the students, workers and their families. It also performs medical examination for the newly admitted students, and it keeps a medical file for each student during his/her stay in the university.  The unit also compiles medical statistics and caters for public hygiene within the campus.  Cases that cannot be handled by the unit are referred to other outside hospitals and medical laboratories.


Issuing of Medical Certificates

A special medical committee supervises and provides stand-by services during the academic year and examinations period in accordance with the following procedures.

  • A sick student in need of special treatment should report to the resident doctor in the specific examination centre.
  • If a student is admitted to outside hospital during the examinations period, he/she immediately inform the examination centre, which will inform the unit to handle the case.
  • The medical committee submits a sick report to the concerned college to decide upon the cases.
  • Medical certificate obtained from outside the unit, shall not be considered valid unless the student follows the procedure outlined below:
  • Submission of a letter from the registrar with the medical certificate to the Health Service Unit.
  • Appearance before the medical committee, which meets once a week.
  • The unit will send a reply to the registrar and the medical committee reserves the right to accept or reject any medical certificate not issued from the unit.
  • Any medical certificate submitted after the elapse of ten days from the date of the case shall not be considered.