Deanship of Libraries

The university Library provides services to the students, staff, researchers and workers. It also supervises libraries of the colleges outside the main campus. The library has a considerable collection of books and journals.



Department of Supply

The department provides all libraries with books, references and periodicals obtained through purchase, donation and exchange.

Department of Classification and Indexing

The department classifies and compiles indices for all the materials provided by the Department of Supply to make them accessible to users.


Department of Users Services:

This department sets-up library use regulations governing the internal and external borrowing services. It also regulates the provision of services, guidance and orientation for library users. The department, furthermore, organizes orientation services to the students and other users on how to use library and provides photo copying services.



Regulations of Loan Services

  • During the academic year, a student may borrow up to two books for maximum period of two weeks.
  • During the borrowing period, the student’s library card shall be kept with the library authorities.
  • Only users with membership cards will be allowed to borrow books.
  • Rare books and references will not be lent except on the consent of the Dean of the library.


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