Directorate of Human Resources

The Directorate of Human Resources is one of the principal administrative units in the University of Bahri. Its function is to describe and specify the terms of reference for staff, technicians, administrators and the workers. The Directorate of Human Resources is under the direct the Principal of the university.




The goal of the DHR is to promote professionalism and job satisfaction by the optimal management of the available human resources in the academic and administrative aspects.


Specifying activities related to administrative work in university of Bari to ensure supply of human resources of high caliber in academic, technical and administrative fields through planning, training and documentation. The mission is consistent with the objectives of the university.



The Directorate of Human Resource Development aims augmenting such values as honesty, transparency, fairness, recognition of individual variation, quality assurance, precision, development and application of relevant technology.

Objective of the administration of human resources

  •  Fulfillment of quality standards.
  •  Application of information employees system.
  •  Adoption of regulation-based solution of employees problems.
  • Provide university administration with advise pertinent to human resource management.
  • Regular evaluation of university employees.
  • Assess university needs for human resources.
  • Promotion of professional and organizational performance.
  •  Creation of job satisfaction among employees

Responsibilities of the administration of human resources
• Application of standard administrative rules, procedure, and practices in recruiting human resources.
• Competition of staff recruitment procedures.
• Preparing university employment budget.
• Provide technical opinion on administrative affairs
• Keeping records and personnel files in manual and digital forms.
• Management of daily internal paperwork in the university.
• Regular revision of employees files concerning promotion and allowance.
• Preparing report forms of employee performance scrutinizing and evaluation.
• Keeping documents and circulars issued by relevant government institutions and by university.
• Completing procedure of pensions.
• Follow up of procedure of income tax and revision of pension deductions.
• Follow up of health insurance program of university.
• Keeping files in archive.

Abdelaziz Mulah Maazib Adam

Director of Human Resources


Sabri Mohamd Matar

Deputy-director human resources

Name Office Email Phone no.
Abdelaziz Mulah Maazib Adam  Director of human resources  0912229781
Sabri Mohamed Matar Deputy- director human resources Dep.dhr. hr 0911211737
Department of administrative
Awadi Roop Issa Department of Academic of staff  D.staff. hr  0155888426
Saadia Elgzoly Khalid  Department of Technical staff  0155777561
Manal Ali Ebrahim Department of Workers  0155888438
Mohammed Nour El-dien Dahab  Department of Pensions  0155888438
Ibrahim Ahmed Mohammed Hmed  Department of Planning, employment &training
Mohammed Bakheet Mohammed Adam  Department of Secret office 
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