Directorate of Cultural Relations & Information

The directorate of Cultural Relations & Information (DCRI) was established in July 2011 directly after the establishment of University of Bahri aiming at documenting the links with institutions, academic, research, and social organizations nationally, regionally and internationally, in order to reach a constructive cooperation that supports the university with its different programs and fields, using all methods of media and communications channels available to achieve this cooperation and reflect its bright image and its growing role in addition to introducing its various activities in coordination with the university’s different directorates and colleges.

 The university has managed to establish this directorate because of its total and deep believe of its importance for it is considered to be one of the necessary and vital activities inside the university to strengthen and support the relationship between the university and its internal and external audience as well as establishing the positive understanding of the university and finding a mental image that cope with the academic aims and position of this important edifice. The DCRI has managed during this short time to achieve an active role in the fields related to highlighting the university’s name, and educational and academic identity with the required and thoughtful way, within the policies of both the university and Ministry of higher Education.

Dr. Saad Abdul Qadir Al-Aqib Saad


Landline: 00249155888431

Mobile: 00249995089097



To become a leader and innovator in the field of cultural relations and media in the territory education.


The mission of the directorate is to expand the vessels of the university’s relations on both levels internal and external in the academic and research fields and serving the community, to empower the university’s status and to show a prestigious image to the national, regional and international societies.

Principles and values:

To commit to honesty, transparency, subjectivity and neutralism in all of directorate’s activities and programs.



  1. To enhance the university’s relations with its counterparts such as universities, academic and research institutions and universities’ union inside and outside Sudan.
  2. To introduce the university’s role and academic and research mission to serve the community and the citizens.
  3. To form a positive image of the university to the community as well as addressing rumors and false news that might be published against the university as its official authorized voice.
  4. To develop and execute specialized programs that support the relations among the university’s family of teaching staff, workers and students.
  5. To establish the relations with the alumni, follow their performance and promoting them to the labor market internally and externally as well as benefitting from them to improve the academic programs and to rise fund.
  6. To connect the university with different media (press, radio, TV) to supply them with the news, activities and events which held in the university, its colleges, and its different administrations in addition to organizing periodical press conferences and meetings of press delegates with officials of the university.
  7. To issue publications and information bulletins that aim to offer information introducing the different activities of the university to its target audience.
  8. To prepare and organize conferences, symposiums, workshops and exhibitions among other events that the university holds.
  9. To review governmental and private circles to achieve formal university tasks.
  10. To facilitate official delegations’ tasks and procedures.



  1. To communicate with academic, scientific, research and media institutions nationally, regionally and internationally as well as supporting continuous cooperation channels through scientific visits and the exchange of teachings staff, experiences, scientific publications, etc.
  2. To review and renew previous agreements with national, regional and international universities in addition to signing new agreement contracts with them.
  3. To effectively participate in conferences, symposiums and workshops internally and externally as well as hosting similar forums as initiatives from the university in coordination with the colleges and the concerned bodies.
  4. To organize meetings for nationally accredited diplomatic corporations to introduce them to the university and its academic and cultural activities as a key to establish a mutual relation with those countries.
  5. To coordinate with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to insert the university within the visiting programs of foreign delegations to learn about the university and its activities.
  6. To communicate with all media to highlight the role of the university and its staff in the academic, research and community service fields.
  7. To prepare and issue media materials about the academic, research and social activities among others. This includes introductory bulletins, evidences, posters, documentaries, etc.
  8. Media coverage of all activities of the university.
  9. To organize mutual visits among the university’s officials and external bodies.
  10. To supervise the development of the administration’s webpage on the university’s website and making it a method of interaction between the university, its staff and the different community sectors.
  11. To create a database for alumni and hold periodical meetings with the university’s alumni and their employers.
  12. To organize cultural and social programs and activities for both the staff and the different community sectors.
  13. To communicate with the concerned bodies to facilitate official delegations’ tasks and procedures in addition to following their visits and offering all services to them.


Departments and units:

University Communication:

Head of department: Dr. Maha Mahmoud Abdo

Cultural Relations Department:

Head of department: Dr. Sara Othman Hussain

Head of the Graduate Unit Department:

Public Relations:

Head of department:

Administrative and Financial Affairs:

Head of department: Somaya Mohamed Ibrahim Khaled



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Khartoum – Sudan 1660/11111