College Of veterinary medicine Academic Program

The college of veterinary medicine offers the following programs

  1. A) Undergraduate programs

Bachelor degree in veterinary medicine (B.VM) in 5 years

  1. B) Postgraduate programs

1- Master and PhD degrees ( by research)  in basic sciences( Physiology , anatomy , histology , Biochemistry and molecular biology)  and  in various disciplines in  veterinary medicine

2- Master (By courses  and Dissertation ) in:

i-  Poultry Health management

ii- Dairy  Herd Health Management

2-Dairy  Herd Health Management

The overall objective of this program is to meet the demand of labor market in the Sudan for qualifiedveterinary medical professionals  in order to assist in providing a high level of veterinary service to the public and the profession.

Duration of Study: Four Semesters