Admission and  Academic Program


The students shall be admitted directly to the Faculty by the Admission Office.


The study duration is five years leading to the award of a B.Sc. (Honors) in Applied Geology with specialization in one of the prescribed departments.


A multi-disciplinary model will be adopted to cater for the common courses.


During the first six semesters the students will take the University Requirements and the College Requirements.


The last four semesters will be devoted mainly to specialization of their respective departments leading to graduation.


Students are required to submit a dissertation in the fifth year which is equivalent to six credit hours. Graduation is conditional on passing this project.


Laboratory training and field sessions are compulsory. No promotion to higher classes will be effective prior to the completion of the field training in a certain year.


Examinations shall be held twice a year, at the end of each semester called semester examinations. Supplementary and substitute examination shall be held once a year about four weeks before the beginning of the next academic year. The examinations shall constitute both written and practical. The final marks shall be a combination of continuous assessment (40%) and final examination (60%). For supplementary and substitute examination, the continuous assessment shall be included in summing up the final marks in that course. For the carry over only final examinations results shall be included. Each semester examination results shall be announced at the end of each semester. The results of first and second semester shall be considered together at the end of each academic year for the final decision on promotion, supplementary, substitute, repeat and discontinued cases.


Students with les than 75% attendance in theory and practical of a particular course shall not allowed to sit for the final examination and shall be given ‘F’ grade in that course. A student who fails to sit for the final examinations of a whole semester without genuine reasons shall be deemed to have failed in all courses of that particular semester.