College Of Medicine Academic Program

College of Medicine – University of Bahri gives Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. This is a six-year medical degree programme.

The plan for the undergraduate student aims to create a knowledgeable practitioner with particular commitment to the community and health related problems in Sudan.

The education of medical students at College of Medicine – University of Bahri, includes a solid foundation in the fundamentals of basic and clinical science.

The first three years are taught in an integrated approach, closely tying basic science concepts to clinical medicine, professionalism and medical ethics.

The next three clinical years are marked by extensive hands-on experience in caring for patients. The College of Medicine – University of Bahri centres for clinical simulation and patient safety, allowing students to learn basic clinical skills and teamwork in a safe learning environment throughout the curriculum. Thus, graduates are exceptionally well prepared to pursue residency training.

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