College of Animal Production

Historical Background

The college was established in 2011, after the separation of South Sudan, out of the Faculty of Animal Production (former Upper Nile University) and Department of Animal Production (former CNRES-University of Juba) .

The college offers undergraduate program leading to the award of Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in Animal Production .

The primary philosophy that guides the training of students is the production of skilled manpower adequately furnished with the comprehensive knowledge in various disciplines of animal production. These training programs are mounted through classroom instruction, laboratory practical and field demonstration in addition to farm practices .

To cope with the motto and philosophy of the University of Bahri, the college emphasizes the significance of scientific research in the related specializations, and this has been gradually initiated and introduced in the college farm and specialized laboratories .

Noteworthy, the College has prepared programs leading to the award of technical diploma and masters’ degree in various areas of animal production.


Academic Programs

The College offers technical diploma, BSc (Honours), MSc and PhD programs in the following specialisations:

  1. Animal breeding and reproductive technology.
  2. Animal nutrition.
  3. Dairy production.
  4. Meat production.
  5. Poultry production.
  6.  Range management and fodder technology.

Research Priorities

  1. Molecular biology (Embryo Transfer)
  2. Improvement of nutrition and forage crops
  3. Development of crosses between local goats and the exotic breed
  4. Turkey development as an alternative of poultry meat
  5. Breed characterisation of different livestock.
  6. Agro-industry by-products research and technology.
  7. Camels research