The College of Veterinary Medicine aspires to be one of the leading centers of excellence in veterinary education and applied research regionally and internationally.


The mission of the college of Veterinary Medicine is to:

1. Qualify students for the degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) in order to meet the present and future demands of their professional careers. The graduates are expected to fulfill all aspects of the profession that encompass the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and understanding of animal diseases; the conservation of livestock resources; the promotion of public health; and the advancement of medical knowledge.
2. The provision of postgraduate education, at the Higher Diploma, Masters and Ph.D. levels in the various fields of the profession.
3. Train technical and professional staff through continuing education programs that are tailored to the national professional needs.
4. Enhance the provision of clinical and diagnostic services for teaching and for the public within a financially self-sustaining model.
5. Encourage scientific research and publication in the various aspects of the profession.
6. Provide extension services and consultation for the animal production sector.
7. Establish and strengthen links with counterpart regional and international institutions.



Name Position Tel. – email
Dr. Nabaa Kamal Badawi Dean 0122410042

Dr. Yassir Ali Almofti Deputy Dean 0901589515

Mr. Siddig Younis Registrar

Bachelor Students

Master Students

PhD Students