Welcome to the College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

The College was established in 1977 as the prime college in the newly established University of Juba.  The main motive behind the establishment of the College at that time was the general belief that the best way to develop Southern Sudan is through the rational exploitation of its vast natural resources.  The general objective of the College at that time was to prepare and enable the student to understand the general methodology of natural, applied and environmental sciences and to conceive development regularities of the whole scientific environment.


To advance and conserve the natural resources of the country through scientific knowledge and techniques, and to improve observation powers and reasoning mechanisms for sound decision making process.


Delivery of broadly-based multi-disciplinary education and practical field training to improve the coexistence of man and the natural resources for healthy and better environment.


General Objective

The general objective of the CNRES is to prepare innovated natural resources managers capable of approaching and directing the management of natural resources and the related environments in an integrated manner towards sustainability and conservation.ere