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  • Objectives

    The College objectives are to: Provide educational services characterized with high efficiency for students Train human cadres capable of using modern technologies with prominent academic qualifications in the areas of Business Administration and data processing for community service. Offer scientific consultancy to serve the community and all economic sectors Create partnerships and cooperation with the NGOs and private sector to contribute in the development of the society.
  • Mission

    To promote the intellectual level of students through the provision of sufficient knowledge in the areas of management sciences
  • Vision

    To produce competent and distinctive professionals in the areas of management sciences

About College

The college awards the degree of B.Sc. in four years in the following specializations: business administration; public administration, accounting, human resource development, marketing, Banking studies, costing and financial accounting. The school also awards the degree of B.Sc. (Honours) in five years in the same disciplines. The school in collaboration with the Centre for Human Resource Development offers a three-year diploma in the above mentioned specializations.

Written by the Dean

In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful ,Praise be to Allah who made science a beacon light that guide us, Prayers and peace of Allah be upon the beloved Al Mustafa Profit Mohamed the teacher and guide of mankind and upon his knowledgeable companions , May peace and Merci of Allah be upon you .The faculty of administrative science is one of the faculties which have a promising which the sector of business and the governmental sector look forward to for benefiting from the administrative skills and capacities as well as financial capacities of its graduates which the faculty provide labor market with. In conformation of this the school of administrative science was established in the former University of Juba and after cessation of the south from the north the university of Juba moved to its site in the newly incepted country and the school of administrative science was affiliated to Bahri University which was established as a substitute university to the former southern universities including the university of Juba and thus in the context of a comprehensive plan for the different programs and faculties of the university the school was developed into a college and this development is to include the curricula and the programs of the current departments along with establishing new departments with advanced up to date programs,


  • الاساتذة 56%
  • عدد طلبة الدراسات الاولية 230%
  • عدد طلبة الدراسات العليا 87%
  • عدد الخريجين 56%

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 Academic Programs

The College offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the following specialisations

  • Graduate Programs

  • Baccalaureate Programs (General Honor)

  • Technical Diploma Programs