The Graduate College was established in 2011 and its roots goes back to the Secretariat of Graduate Studies at University of Juba which after succession of South Sudan was re-located to Juba in South Sudan. The idea of establishing a Graduate College originated simultaneously with the establishment of the undergraduate programs and it started as an offshoot of the Secretariat for Graduate Studies in the previous Southern Sudan Universities. In the academic year 2011/2012 a good number of graduate students were admitted for graduate studies in various disciplines. The College oversees all the graduate studies provided by the various colleges at UoB.


A distinguished College in Graduate Studies in accordance with quality standards both at local and international levels.


To prepare, train and develop cadre to assume their role in the activities of the University and the community, coping with most up-to-date facilities, improving out-put quality and with strong commitment to preserve environment.


In pursuance of this mission  the post graduate programs aim at fostering , through instruction, a deeper understanding of elementary and advanced concepts and ability; to apply fundamental ideas and analytical minds to new problems with high credibility and  transparency, focused on equipping student with the skills and knowledge required to respond to the challenges ahead.

  1. Goals:

    To satisfy the nation’s demand for higher standard manpower.


    1. Enriching scientific research and extending the frontiers of knowledge in all its branches.
      ii. Qualifying specialized scientific and professional cadres in various disciplines – be they within the University or other universities or hose in the Government organizations.
      iii. Keeping up to date with speedy revolution in technology, science and learning.
      vi. Promoting scientific research and directing it forwards the social, economic and cultural prospects of our society.
      v. Encourage exchange of cultural and academic activities in the field of higher studies with similar organizations.

Dean Message

It is with great honour and pride that I welcome you to Graduate College of University of Bahri website. My name is Hind A. Elnasri and I have the pleasure of serving as a Dean for Graduate Student. The Graduate College is designed to provide students with professional various graduate programs include PhD and Master Degrees, and Postgraduate Diplomas in both Applied and Humanitarian studies. The Graduate College is proud of introducing you unique and pioneer programs that will help you smoothly transition into your graduate program and your community.

In fact, graduate students—doctoral, master’s, and postgraduate diploma students from the neighboring African and Arab Countries—make up an adequate number of University of Bahri’s student enrollment.

We hope this website will provide you with all the necessary information regarding our offered programs, regulations for admission, registration, etc.

We look forward to personally welcoming you to Graduate College, University of Bahri. We are confident that you will find this a truly exciting place to pursue your graduate studies.

Professor Hind A. Elnasri
Dean for Graduate College

By graduate students