The broad vision of the college is to be a leading program in education and research along with the advances and the development of new technologies to cope with the emerging problems in the field of animal production. Also to be a known college with its relevancy and Excellency in the academic fields.



  1. To conduct scientific researches augmenting animal production development strategies in the country.
  2. To qualify professionally competent manpower for improving animal productivity.
  3. To promote, disseminate and apply knowledge regarding the specialized areas of dairy, poultry and meat production and technologies.

Dean's Message

Dear fellow faculty members, students and other members of the college of Animal production community.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

I have the pleasure to welcome on behalf of all of you our visitors to the website of the College of Animal Production, University of Bahri, through which we shall communicate and interact with visitors for the continuous improvement of work inside our beloved college.

This website embodies brief introduction about the college, its scientific departments, academic and research activities and other activities related to community service inside the University campus and at the national level. In addition, the site also contains information about the academic staff and their CV credentials to avail them to visitors for exchange of views on means and…

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What is the Study Program?

Technical Diploma Program

Sudan possesses a huge number of livestock resources. Despite this wealth, the livestock sector in Sudan is suffering from a lot of obstacles that hinder its development. Among the major constraints to animal production in Sudan are the deficiencies of trained mediator cadres in this sector


The study program in the CAP is designed to offer a five-year Bachelor of Science degree (Honors) in Animal Production. The academic year comprise of two semesters, each of which has a maximum duration of seventeen weeks including the reading week and examinations.

M.Sc. Degree Admission Requirements:

Applicants must satisfy the general University of Bahri Regulations governing admission to Masters Degree and must have an undergraduate degree from University of Bahri in Animal Production, Agriculture and Veterinary Science or any other equivalent universities with minimum:

  • Sc. (Hon.) degree Class Two, Division Two (good) of five years duration or ten semesters.
  • Sc. (Hon.) degree (good), of four years duration or eight semesters plus a qualifying year (at least good)
  • Sc. General degree (at least V. good) plus a qualifying year (good).
  • Sc. General degree (good) plus a higher diploma (good), and any other alternative qualifications acceptable to the University of Bahri.