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The teaching veterinary Hospital-Alkadaro(TVHK) was previously  known as The  Free Zone Of Diseases since 1973 then as Alkadaro  Veterinary  Hospital and it was run by The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Resources and  Irrigation -Khartoum State (MAAI-KS) up to March 2013. According to the agreement signed  between the MAAI-KS and  University Of Bahri(UB), represented by the  College Of Veterinary Medicine(CVM), in March 2013 TVHK became one of the departments of CVM-UB and  is directed by a deputy dean.

Agreement terms:

MAAI-KS offers theCVM the current premises and both CVM and MAAR-KS share the process of building and equipping TVHK. Also the agreement stated that, the TVHK has to offer veterinary services to the surroundings and training opportunities to veterinarians, paraveterinarians , and students of veterinary colleges.


The TVHK was inaugurated by the Wali of Khartoum State Dr.Abdelrahman Ahmed Alkhidir  and his Excellency The Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries  Dr.Faisal Hassan Ibrahim in February 2014.




The general hospital activities are supervised by a joint committee composed of the Dean of the CVM-UB, director of the TVHK , and MAAI-KS  is represented by  the Assistant of the General Director  for animal resources , the Director of Animal Health and Disease Control Administration and the Director of Human Resources and Financial Affairs Administration.This committee has a regular monthly meeting to discuss newsuggestions and solve problems to upgrade the TVHK activities.


The director of TVHK is one of the teaching staff and  is also considered as one of the heads of departments of CVM. By default the  director of  TVHK is a member in the faculty and examiners boards   of CVM in addition to the  membership of heads of departments meeting.TVHK  reportsmonthly to the dean of CVM and MAAI-KS.The firstdirector  of TVHK, was the late Dr. Babiker Mohammed Ahmed followed by Dr.AmaniBushra Ahmed Abdelmajeedas an acting director thenDr.Suhair Sayed Mohammed since November 2013 up to date .

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