Applied& Industrial Science

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Dr. Inas Osman Khojali Head of Departments   C.V
Dr. Izz Eldin Mohmed Mustafa Associate Professors   C.V
Dr. Kamal Khalifa Taha Associate Professors   C.V
Dr. Musa El Balla Mohamed Babiker Associate Professors   C.V
Dr. Ahmed Abdallah Mansour Assistant Professors     C.V
Dr. Asma Ali Mohamed  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Awad Abdallah Momin  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Damara AlHag Mustafa  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Gamar Eldulla Osman  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Ibrahim Salih Ibrahim  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Inas Osman Khojali  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Muna Ibrahim Shumo  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Mohamed Mirghani Ali El Tom  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Nagwa Mohd Noor  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Nuha Mohmd Ali Omer  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Safia A/alla Elhag  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Sana Ahmed Khalil  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Sara A/Alla Ahmd Talab  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Siham Hassan Beshir Arbab  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Izz Eldin Abdallah Abbas  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Zulfa Mohamed Abaker  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Dr. Osman Omer Eltigani  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Ms. Azza Izzel Din  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Mr. Elfaiz Fathi Mahmoud  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Mr. Eltohami Elzien Hagar  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Ms. Intisar Idris A/Alla  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Mr. Magdi Hamza Hassan  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Mr. Mohamed Khair Taha  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Mr. Mohd Mustafa Khier Eldeen  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Mr. Mungid Ibrahim Elsidieg  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Ms. Nada Ayoub Ahmed  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Mr. Nagm Eldeen Ali Omer  Assistant Professors   C.V
 Mr. Mohamed Ismael  Teaching Assistants   C.V
 Ms. Umm Salama Mohamed Younis  Teaching Assistants   C.V

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Dr. Rahma Abubaker Musa Head of Departments   C.V
Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud El Jack Associate Professors   C.V
Dr. Samia El Tayeb Ahmed Saad Associate Professors   C.V
Dr. Abdel Raafei Mohamed Makawi Ibrahim Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Abir A/Aldaiem Mohamed Assistant Professors     C.V
Dr. Ali Mohamed Eltayeb  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Amal Abdel Wahab Arbab  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Amani Beshir Nour El Dayem  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Ayda Ali Alsherif  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Ilham Taha Hussein  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Fatima Sir El Khatim Ahmed  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Ikhlas Ali Marfaeen  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Kawthar Siralkhtim Ali  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Nada Hassan Mohamed El Mahdi  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Nashwa Siddig Ahmed  Assistant Professors   C.V
Mrs. Abir Ezeldin Omer  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Ahmed Mohammed ElAmin Abd Allla  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Amira Elnahas Mohamedain  Lecturers   C.V
Ms. Butheina Mohamed Abdallah  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Hiba Omer Mohmd Khier  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Ibrahim Basheer Elkhidir Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Inaam Ahmed Fadalla  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Entisar Mahmoud Abdallah  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Isam Ammar Omer Salih  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Mahady A/Almajeed Mohamed Ali  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Maison Hassan Osman  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Mubark Ibrahim Abaker  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Muna Elshiekh Mohamed  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Omiama Abdallah Haroun  Lecturers   C.V
Ms. Salha Ibnouf El Mahadi Lecturers   C.V
Ms. Sarah Abdallah Mohamed  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Tahani Osman Issa  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Numan Mohd Numan  Teaching Assistants   C.V

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Dr. Amna El Siddig Ali Head of Departments   C.V
Dr. Ali El Naeim Musa Ali Associate Professors   C.V
Dr. El Mahdi Ahmed Haroun Associate Professors   C.V
Dr. Tarig Osman Khidir Associate Professors   C.V
Dr. Manal Mohmd Ahmd Fadul Assistant Professors     C.V
Dr. Nahid A/El Rahim Ali Nimir  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Rasha Khaled Abbass  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Amna El Sideeg Ali  Assistant Professors   C.V
Mrs. Fatima Al Hassan Mohamedain  Assistant Professors   C.V
Ms. Haba Hamad Ahmed  Assistant Professors   C.V
Mr. Gamaleldeen Fadul Mohamed  Teaching Assistants   C.V
Mr. Hythum Suliman Basheer  Teaching Assistants   C.V

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Dr. Hala Abbas Badwi Head of Departments

Assistant Professors

Dr. Abaker Abdalla Hasaballa Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Abdel Aziz El Sidiq El Khidir Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Amal Mohamed El Hassen Ali Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Eltegani Ismail Hassan Assistant Professors     C.V
Dr. Hamid Ismaiel Adam  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Galeela Alamin Ahmed  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Mohamed. Ali A/Elkareem  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Osman  Assistant Professors   C.V
Mr. Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Ahmed Ali A/Algadir  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Elshazli Mohm Idris  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Nadir William Amin  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Tarig A/Azeem A/Alhalim  Lecturers   C.V
 Ms. Amel Kamal Hussein  Teaching Assistants   C.V

[/mhc_accordion_item][mhc_accordion_item title=”Department of Physics” background_layout=”light” show_border=”on” icon_color=”#7a7a7a” border_color=”#40e0d0″]

Mr. Ammar ElSiddig Ali Head of Departments   C.V
Dr. Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed Associate Professors   C.V
Dr. Asim Ahmed Mohamed Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Magdi El Sheikh Idris Mohammed Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Manahil Mohamed Bahr El Din Assistant Professors     C.V
Dr. Suliman Ibrahim Babiker  Assistant Professors   C.V
Dr. Mohd Zaki Najm Aldin  Assistant Professors   C.V
Mr. Asim Ali Mohamed Ali  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Fatima Suliman Babikir  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Hiba Gaffar Elamin  Lecturers   C.V
Mr. Kamal Ibrahim Abdallah  Lecturers   C.V
Ms. Khansa Amin Mahadi  Lecturers   C.V
Mrs. Nuha Mubarak Ahmed Salim  Lecturers   C.V
 Ms. Saadia Elsir Salih  Lecturers   C.V
 Mr. Yassir Mohd Eltahir Lecturers C.V
 Ms. Nagla Elbadri Mohamed Lecturers C.V
 Mr. Abdulrazig Abdallah Ali  Teaching Assistants   C.V
 Mr. Mohamed Elkhatim Teaching Assistants C.V
 Mr. Osman A/Alla Abaker Teaching Assistants C.V

Electronics and Instrumentation 

 Dr. Tag Eldeen Abdulgaw  Assistant Professors C.V
 Ms. Sara Mohamed Taha  Lecturers C.V

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