Vision & Mission


Vision :

A pioneer university based on the production of excellent academic research and the service of the humanity in general and the Sudanese community in particular.

Mission :

Production and promotion of excellent academic research and linking it to the communities’ reality and needs for the achievement of sustainable development.

Objectives of the Deanship :

1- Inspiration of the spirit of academic research, promotion of its standard and supremacy of its scientific measures.
2- Development of conducive research environment and building research capacities of staff members and students of the university.
3- Creation of scientific and research relationships with the concerned institutions and organizations internally and externally.
4- Enhancement of the relationship between the university as academic research producer, and the other concerned sectors of production and services, public or private, as academic research users and marketing of academic research outputs
5- Having the university updated to the international scientific and epistemological developments and contributing to the development of human civilization.

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