Training on writing of Scientific paper for publication

Training on writing of Scientific paper for publication

This training program is designed to help the university teaching staff in their scientific writing of a publishable work (Article, reports, short communication…ect ) and participation in scientific activities.


To upgrade the participants´ skills in writing a scientific papers.
To help the participants to know how to prepare scientific papers for participation in seminars, conferences and workshops.
To enable participants to publish their work in reputable journals.


1- Lectures on the scientific writing presented by specialized researchers.
2- Examples for different styles of scientific papers writing.
2- Presentation for participants´ written papers and discussion.
Expected outcomes:
1-A staff member capable of writing, publishing and presenting a well prepared research work.
2- A certificate of attendance.


All teaching staff with the attachment of the following:
1- C.V.
2-A research article (paper, short communication, report….ect) for assessment

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