Training on the Use of Modern Technologies in Academic Reseach

Training on the Use of Modern Technologies in Academic Reseach

It is one of the training courses designed for the teaching staff to fill in the gaps in dealing with modern technologies, access, display and manipulation of data.


1-To develop teaching staff skills in using computers and search engines.
2- To help the teaching staff get access and create accounts in libraries and other sources to enrich their research.
2- To enable teaching staff to benefit from communication programs in their research and on line learning and teaching.
3-To help teaching staff to design and display their lectures and other presentations using power point.
4- To assist teaching staff in manipulation and analysis of their research data.


1-Specialized speakers in computer sciences and statistics.
2-Computers and internet connection devices.
3-Class exercises applications and floor discussions.
Expected outcomes:
1- A participant of a wider scope in dealing with the internet.
2- A researcher able to deal with his own raw data by selecting the suitable program of analysis.
3-A certificate at the end of the training course.


An interested teaching staff application with C.V attached.
A laptop and an internet connecting device are required.

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