Training on Research Plan Development


It is a regular training program designed for the staff of Bahri University.


1-To upgrade the teaching staff capabilities in designing and writing research proposals for their current and future work.
2- To develop teaching staff capacities in writing a competent research proposals.
3-To contribute to the process of having well trained researchers capable of fulfilling the university’s goals -locally and internationally.


1- Lectures on designing and writing a research proposal (long-short) and the proper way of its presentation to be funded. These lectures are presented by specialized professors in applied and social sciences.
2- Different research proposals presented by the participants and subjected to the floor and lecturers discussions´ for further development.

Expected outcomes:

1- The exposure of teaching staff to different research methods and aspects.
2- A competent self confident researcher.
3- By the end of this training program participants will have certificates.


It is a ONE WEEK daily activity starting from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


An interested teaching staff can apply with the following attachments:
1 – C.V.
2- A recent research proposal.

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