Academic Research Council:

undertakes the endorsement the overall policies and programs and promotes academic research proposals. The council shall meet twice a year and shall have the right to form specialized sub-committees. The council consists of:
Secretary for Academic Affairs Member
Dean of Graduate College (Member)
Director for Quality Assurance (Member)
Director of External Relations and information (Member)
Dean of Libraries (Member)
Representative from colleges of basic and applied sciences (Member)
Representative from colleges of social sciences and humanities( Member)
Representative of The Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research (Member)
Representative of Bahri and Bahri North provinces (Members)
Representative of Sudanese Business &Employers Union (Member)
Dean of Academic Research. Secretary.

Dean of Academic Research:

Shall be responsible of the overall objectives of the Deanship, chair its meetings and represent it in all official meetings. The Dean shall set the overall plans and acts as secretary to the Academic Research Council.

Deputy Dean of Academic Research:

Shall undertake any part of Dean’s duties and responsibilities delegated to him and represent the Dean in case of absence.

Head Department of Research and Grants:

Shall formulate all research plans, fund raising proposals, supervise their implementation, coordinate all research activities and formulate all conferences and workshops’ proposals.

Head Department of Publication and Dissemination:

Shall be responsible of all university journals, newsletters, staff academic publications and the enrichment of the university website.

Head Department of Training:

Shall be responsible of supplying research and training facilities, organization of training workshops, other lectures and workshops and administration of research prizes

Staff (Employees).


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