Research projects

 Research projects funded by the University of Bahri

Title of the Research Principle Investigator Time of Ending
1 Annotated Chronological of Unpublished English Language MA and PhD Dissertations in Sudan197-2013 Dr. Tawfig Khalil Mohamed MusaCollege of Arts August 2015
2 Effect of intercropping on yield and nutritive value of some leguminous, cereal forage crops and Soil Fertility in El Kadaru area Dr. Mohammed Fatur MohammedCollege of Animal Production August 2015
3 Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) isolated from Camels milk and their efficacy as probiotic Dr. Adil Mohammed Ahmed SulmanCollege of Veterinary Medicine August 2016
4 Determination  of  development  need in North  Bahri Dr. Khalid  Salih MohammedCollege of  Agriculture August 2016
5 Investigation of Antidiabetic , antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds in four  Sudanese medicinal plant Species grown in North Kordofan Dr. Tarig Osman KhiderCollege of Applied and Industrial Sciences April  2017
6 Effect of Timing and Severity of Defoliation on Yield and Sucrose Concentration of Sugar Beet( Beta vulgaris L. ) Dr. Baha Eldin Mohamed Idris BakhitCollege of  Agriculture April  2017

Research projects funded by Ministry of High Education and scientific Research

1 Prevalence  and  antibiotic  resistance in Campylobacter spp. Isolated from poultry in Khartoum State Dr. Yasir Ali Almofti  AhmedCollege of Veterinary  Medicine December 2015
2 Sources of  pesticides and bacteria as milk contaminants in Khartoum   and Gezira   Dairy farms Dr. Adil Mohammed Ahmed SulmanCollege of Veterinary Medicine December 2015
3 Assess the quality of drinking  water sources  in   East Nile  locality Miss. Mona Issa HarounCollege of Public and Environmental Health December 2015

Research and grant department
Mr. Shehab Ali Yousif

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