Means & Instruments

  1. Providence of research facilities (books, periodicals, bibliography, internet, database…) in collaboration with the concerned bodies like deanship of libraries, relevant colleges and departments.
  2. Creation and enhancement of academic research funding opportunities within the university or from national or international – private, public or charity- institutions and organization.
  3. Undertaking electronic publishing and the enrichment of the university’s website in collaboration with the concerned bodies
  4. Organization of conferences, workshops and training programs
  5. Consultation, coordination and collaboration with Higher Education
  6. Institutions, scientific and research centres inside and outside Sudan and strengthening collaboration ties with them in the fields of academic research and its applications and proposition of memorandums of understanding.
  7. To encourage and assist in the setting and adoption of scientific research methods. Implementing research projects and providing scientific solutions to challenges facing the University, the Country and the humanity in general in collaboration with the concerned bodies internally and externally and linking research to community’s real needs and sustainable development.
  8. Coordination of research projects among different university units and promoting collaboration among them to achieve their goals.
  9. Supporting academic staff publication and monitoring university journals and newsletters.
  10. Encouraging participation of the university and its staff in the national and international conferences
  11. Supporting staff sabbatical leave.
  12. Collaboration with national experts (inside and outside Sudan), invitation of visiting scholars and facilitating their contribution in the production and dissemination of knowledge in collaboration with the administration of external relations.
  13. Preparation of programs to encourage, inspire and support excellent academic research and inventions including “excellent academic research prize” in different academic fields.
  14. Proposition of rules and principles necessary for the enhancement of research ethics and measures.
  15. Undertaking documentation and dissemination of all university academic activities and strengthening university contacts with the internal and external media.
  16. Determination of research priorities based on scientific measures and requirements of development in collaboration with graduate college of the university.


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