Apply For Research Funding

Components of Research proposal:

The research proposal should include the Following components (points):
(a) Cover Page (Title Page): it consists of the Following:
§ Research Title, General Research Field (area), Specific Filed of the research, Name of the main researcher and team members (if any), College, Department, contact Addresses.
(b) Abstract should not exceed one page in Arabic or English in line with form language.
(c) Research plan: Should include the following: § Research problem, conceptual framework, research objectives, methodology, literature reviewed, scheduled duration of the research, expected results, expected beneficiaries, references and detailed budget.
(d) Curriculum Vitae (C.V) of the researcher (s).

Common (general) conditions

1. Application should be sent within the announced period.
2. Proposal should not be sent to any other financing body once it has been chosen by the Deanship of Academic Research.
3. The research should be forwarded in hard copy and electronic version.
4. The budget is released in installments connected with performance.
The approved fund may not cover all aspects and phases of the research.
5. Board of Academic Research can stop or recall the approved budget as recommended by the Deanship, in case of failure, shortcoming or directing the fund to other direction apart from that approved by the Board.
6. After fund approval, major /substantial changes in the plan are not allowed unless the Deanship consent is taken.
7. It is necessary to mention any revenues, uses and commercial benefits from the research.
If any of co-researcher is apologized the major researcher can assign his duties to other co-research after Deanship consent is taken.
8. In publication of the results of research the researcher should recognize the University Funding for it.
9. The research team can include members from outside the University of Bahri.

Application Procedures

1. The research(s) applies his research project after being signed by meant head department.
2. Funding application is to be enclosed.
3. The research project is to be cross-checked and signed by the meant head Department(s).
4. The head department raises the department point (s) of the view to the Scientific Board of the meant College who should go through for further scrutinizing.
5. The chairman of the scientific research of the meant College refers the research proposal to the Dean of Academic Research.
6. The Deanship has the right to do not accept any proposal that may not satisfy that mentioned requirements or being late.

Criterions for Selection:

The selection of research for Funding is run according to the following terms:
1. The research proposal with relevance to the vision, objectives and research priorities of the University.
2. Originality of the research, Methodology, treatments and its contribution to the buildup and development of knowledge.
3. Scientific standards and specification are noted.
4. Consistency of work plan, budget and expected objectives.
5. Qualification, experience of the main researcher(s), with relevancy to the scientific research requirement
6. Chance of training availed for trainees by the project.
7. Collaboration, co-operation and other Funding chances created by the project.
8. Scientific and common ethics are strictly noted. (No religion, racial, or regional discrimination etc).
9. Topic of the research and its contribution to solving problems of the community.
10. The fitness of the proposed research budget with the research funds available in the University.
11. Applications for Funding research projects should be from 1st Jan to 31st March.
Approved Research Priorities to be funded in year 2014 by Academic Research Board- U. of B.

  1. Gum Arabic research
  2. Camels, Goats and sheep’s’(farm animals )research
  3. Researches on medicinal Plants.
  4. Applied Biotechnology research
  5. Diseases related research
  6. Food technology research
  7. Agricultural research
  8. Environment and Natural resources related research
  9. Conflicts, identities and minorities research
  10. Nanotechnology research
  11. Poverty research
  12. Community development and social change research
  13. Effects of the secession of South Sudan on Sudan and South Sudan.
  14. Studies of general and higher education issues.
  15. Pioneers of Sudanese National movements from  Bahri  town.
  16. social and psychological effects of the use of shashamendi among  youth ( case of university students in Khartoum state  )

Problems of public transportation in Khartoum state and the solutions

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