English for communication course

English for communication course

The aim of this course is provide an English club for the staff of University of Bahri
so as to improve their English language communication skills.


• To break the psychological barrier with English as a foreign language.
• To enable candidates to think and communicate in English.
• To train candidates to listen and be exposed to spoken English with understanding.
• To enable candidates to express themselves in an appropriate manner.
• To help participants effectively use English to access and share the relevant online
research data.


1-Mainly based on debates and discussions
2-The presence of native speakers (American, British) are involved
3-Presentation of relevant research topics for debates
4-Participants’ centered discussion
5-Practical lessons, exercises, assignments and oral research presentations

Expected outcomes:

Participants will be able to :
Express themselves in English without any psychological barriers of English.
Access scientific research publication on line and English language learning sites.
Participate in workshops and conferences or any other activities where English is the medium of communication.


Application letter and small biography are to be emailed

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