Deanship of Academic Research (DAR)

The University of Bahri, being cognizant of its status, past heritage and the need to meet the future challenges of distinction of input and output for its educational programs, has established an independent Deanship for Academic Research to be the first of its kind with a clear vision amongst Sudanese Universities. This vision will be realized by being a pioneer in academic research nationally, regionally and internationally; besides, it aims to base research on the needs and realities of the community in particular and humanity in general- all to achieve durable development and certain objectives such as:
1.Encouraging the spirit of research setting standards of high calibers for its conduction.
2.Creating conducive atmosphere for scientific researching and assisting in research capacity building for staff.
3.Establishing scientific research and academic collaboration with different institutions and units of similar goals nationally and internationally.
4.Keeping abreast with the global pace of scientific and cognitive development as well as contributing in the building of the human civilization.
5.Contribute in provision of scientific solutions to the challenges facing the University and the Sudan by linking research to real community needs, sustainable development and strengthening the University’s contribution in building the Country.

DAR Structures:
Academic Research Council:
The Council is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of the University and undertakes the endorsement of the overall policies and programs of the Deanship. The council consists of representatives for a number of administrative bodies from within the University (i.e. The Graduate College, Secretary for Academic Affaires, Quality and Development Directorate, Cultural Relation and Information Directorate, ……) and from outside of it (i.e. Ministry of Higher Education, representative of the Governor of Bahri and Sharg El-Neel and the representative of Business’ entrepreneurs). This council includes two professional sub-councils:
1. Research and Grants Council:
Endorsed and approved research proposals submitted by University staff.
2. Publication Council:
Endorsed and approved all publications policies at University of Bahri.

Administrative Structure of DAR
– Dean of Academic Research.
– Deputy Dean of Academic Research.
– Department of Research and Grants.
– Department of Publication and Dissemination.
– Department of Training.
– Staff (Employees) and secretary