About Department

This is the section which is entrusted for the production and dissemination of knowledge. Whether this production is a scientific research paper, an article, book or summarized book by another author, translation from English to Arabic or vice versa. This can be in one or all the types of knowledge which the Department values as useful to human beings. The Department has allotted that (UBJAS) University of Bahri Journal for Arts and Sciences to bear publishing and the task dissemination of scientific research papers. Whereas, the newsletter will take the burden of disseminating news about what’s new in and outside the university, which can cause an increased knowledge and experience for the people in the university environment and Sudan as whole.
The objectives of the Department:
– Dissemination of scientific research for the university staff inside and outside targeting the benefits they can gain and what can be rejoiced by the whole world. – Publication of books written or translated, scientific articles, authenticated manuscripts, and manuscripts of heritage value, which depend on the scientific foundations contracting rack, promising scientific work and deciding authentic documented references. – It prepares (UBJAS), University of Bahri for Arts and Sciences, a bi-annual magazine written in both Languages Arabic and English. – Prepares monthly newsletter which keeps pace with the development of sciences and University News community to be reflected for university’s inner and outer society – Translation of the university’s regulations and basic codes.