Department of Training

It is one of the departments in the Deanship of Academic Research. This department is responsible for supplying research and training facilities, organization of training courses, lectures, workshop and administration of research prize. Annual update of plan of work depends upon the actual needs of training programs for the staff of university of Bahri and their suggestions.

Head Department of Training:

The first head of the department was Dr.Abdelrafie Makhawi since the date of the establishment up to march /2012 he started the work in the department then followed by Dr.suhair sayed mohamed from march 2012 up to now.


This deparment has the same goals and obectives of the deanship of Academic Research in research promotion and having the university updated to the international scientific requirements.


Organization of training courses and workshops concerned with scientific research.
Encouraging participation of university staff in the national conferences.
Collaboration with different experts and representatives to run the department program.

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