Annual Report

Annual Reports 2012

The University of Bahri was established to accommodate the Northern Sudanese affiliates (i.e. staff, students and employees) within Southern Sudanese Universities of Juba, Upper Nile and Baher Elghazal after the separation of the South in 9th July 2011 and to continue providing excellent university services sensitive towards national needs and peculiarities.
The University of Bahri, being cognizant of its status, past heritage and the need to meet the future challenges of distinction of input and output for its educational programs, has established an independent Deanship for Academic Research to be the first of its kind with a clear vision amongst Sudanese Universities. This vision will be realized by being a pioneer in academic research nationally, regionally and internationally; besides, it aims to base research on the needs and realities of the community in particular and humanity in general and building research capacities of the staff – all to achieve durable development and other certain targets.
Statue of Deanship of academic research-University of Bahri was approved in the senate meeting No. (2) Dated 31/12/2011 and it started functioning in a small partition in the main university campus at Al-Kadaro for 2 weeks before moving to Al-Remaila campus accommodated into 3 offices with no furniture. The actual full start of the Deanship was considered to be in August 2012 in the current location: Building No.28 Street 53 Al-Amarat- Khartoum and since the
succeeded in achieving the following:

  • Completion of the establishment of the Deanship through logistical maintenance and the necessary furniture.
    Completion of administrative structures and assignment of human cadre.
  • Development of annual work plan for the year 2012.
  • Help complete the construction of research councils in various university colleges and centers in coordination with the university administration.
  • Creation of database for more than 60% of university staff and researchers. The Deanship now is able to communicate with them on daily bases; some units of the University has benefited from this database as a tool for the delivery of advertisements and a means of communication with the rest of the University units (although it is not comprehensive enough). We are now (after the appointment of Information Technician) working to develop and classify this database in order to provide wider usage and options.
  • The Deanship was able to develop internal regulations to govern the functioning of the deanship and determine the terms of references and establish some work traditions for more openness and transparency. All meetings in the Deanship, departments and Deanship councils are registered and available online to be seen by all university community. A technician is working now to apply ICT and the adoption of backup system to save all documents of the different sections.
  • The establishment of the Scientific Research Council, headed by the Vice Chancellor and a number of actors at the university as well as public figures and official bodies. The main functions of this council were to discuss the role of scientific research, its priorities and providence of fund.

Department of Training:

The Deanship has held the following training courses: –
1. in the field of developing research proposals:
1.1. The first session was held in 22-24/4/2012.
1.2. The second one was held in June 30 to July 4 -2012.
2. In the field of writing and disseminating scientific papers:
2.1. The first workshop was held in May 30 to 31, 2012.
2.2. End note program in the period 14-16 -2021.
3. In the field of writing and publishing text books: a workshop held in the period from 25-28 June – in collaboration with the Institute of Islamization of knowledge – University of Aljazera.
4. the use of modern techniques in scientific research: The first workshop was held on 30/9 -4/10/2012.
5. A training workshop about Teaching Intensive English language course was held on 22 September 2012.
Problems facing scientific research in Arab universities 27/12/2011.
wild life conservation management on 08/05/2012.
6.3. The upcoming U.S. election campaign 05/20/2012.
Lecture on biotechnology 07/18/2012.
A study of U.S culture and Society.
The Deanship has not been able to organize conference or a workshop since they require a large budget which is out of the reach of Deanship at this period, but hopefully they will be included in the future plans.
Department of Research and Grants:

  • Work plan and research priorities for the year 2012 -2013 had been worked out.
  • To activate the research work in the different university colleges, Council of Research Coordinators held 3 meetings which discussed a range of agendas.
  • Council for Research and Grants was established according to the resolution No. (350 / a 350) 012/112. With Head Department acting as secretary, the council is specialized in evaluating and assessing projects submitted for funding. It meets regularly every three months
  • The Council of Research and Grants held its first meeting in 25/7/2012 to discuss the research priorities, and its second meeting was held in August 2012 to indorse conditions and the form of application for research funding and criteria for selection. Also it held its third meeting in 05/09/2012 to sort-out and select research projects for funding. Seven research projects from different disciplines were submitted for funding; two of them were selected and funded.
  • A large number of research grants and funding opportunities from outside Sudan were collected and sent to all staff members; the department supported researchers with the necessary information about international conferences to be held during this year and facilitated participation of some of them. Five staff members were assisted to present papers in international conferences either by paying their tickets, conference fees or their accommodations and living expenses.


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