Annual plan 2014

The deanship seeking to achieved the following for the year 2014

First: Department of Training

1. Training courses:
a. Training course on Entrepreneurship in collaboration with The National council for Investment and UNIEDO
b. Three training courses on research proposals development.
c. Two training courses on the use of modern technologies in research and teaching
d. Two training courses on writing and publishing scientific paper.
e. Academic rights and the responsibilities of academics.
f. Training course on Biotechnology
g. Special training courses for some colleges.
h. English for communication skills.

2. Public Lectures:

organizing seven public lectures tackling issues related to scientific research and its output.

3. Workshop:

held at least two workshops, on:
a. The impact of the migration of qualified personnel
b. The role of government and civil institutions in scientific research funding

4. Conferences:

organize the first scientific conference for Bahri University, this year.
Second: Department of publication
a. Journals
– Publishing of 2 volumes of Bahri University Journal of arts and humanities.
– Online Publication of six volumes of Journal of natural resource and Environmental studies
– Online publication of six volumes of Journal of applied and industrial sciences.
– Activation and Inauguration of the others three university Journals.
b. Bulletins: publication of four issues on quarterly based
c. Books: selection and preparation of four books for publication.
d. Meetings: the council for publication will conduct 6 meetings this year.
e. Complete the cooperation project with national centre for research and Elsevier publishing house, whereas the university faculty members will access, brose and publish at the most famous international publication house (Elsevier).

Third: Department of Research and Grants

a. Follow up the implementation processes for the already funded 2 research projects of 2012
b. funding Raising for the 2 already wined research projects of the year 20113
c. Follow up the research projects which had already been funded by the Ministry of Higher Education.
d. Conduct advertising and filtering and sorting of three research projects to be funded in the next year 2015.
e. Provide scientific and technical support for the implementation of faculty based research projects.
f. The Research and Grants council will held eight meetings to develop the work , replace and fill the empty seats, achieving format concerning; research follow up, research grant, Bahri university awards forms and others . Develop a based research proposal for each colleges.

Fourth: In 2014 the deanship will also execute the following:

a. Establish a unit for Research and Policy Studies: To study the trends of global knowledge, public policy analysis and study of the pressing issues (locally, regionally and internationally) and the establishment of a scientific forum, deliberative educational stipend have a product scientifically contribute in guiding public policy and be the nucleus of a scientific school at the University, in an effort to make the deanship a center of excellence in scientific research.
b. Establish an incubator for postgraduate research: as the Graduate Research yet constitute as a base for research which may contain some of the outstanding ideas that needs a little support or care, so as to add a real scientific value. This could be done after agreement and coordination with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
c. Create the nucleus of a small hard copy library for deanship of scientific research; includes the training manual written in the areas of research, scientific papers writing and others interested issues.
d. Developing cooperative relationships and networking; with internal institutions of fund (public and private sectors) in addition to global donors.
e. Building capacity of academic staff at the University in the areas of scientific research, use of internet in scientific research and teaching, scientific papers writing for publication and participation in international conferences.
f. Establishment of Faculty members’ lounge at alkaduro , which will be furnished with library, a rest place, whereby Deanship of Academic Research can reflect on its activities, and faculty members can spend their breaks between lectures and can be used as a yard for scientific presentation and debates.
a. Expansion of the headquarters of the deanship by establishing three offices to be fixed on the roof of the building or finding alternative solution.
b. Provide a vehicle for movement and staff transportation.
c. Provision of an independent budget and find diversified sources of fund locally and internationally for scientific research, training and publication.
d. Expanding the deanship internet site on the worldwide web, by adding interactive rooms, as well as strengthening the website.
e. Developing a plan to address the weak participation of faculty members in the international events.
f. Prepare a study on: to what degree that academic staff had benefited from the opportunities of research fund, training that provided by the deanship.
g. The establishment of SMS text messaging service through mobile phones to communicate with university faculty members.
h. Preparation of scientific directory on scientific production of Bahri university faculty members.
i. Issuance of Deanship of Scientific Research Calendar version containing a summary of the university calendar 2015, in addition to internal diaries.
Establishment of central laboratories to support and develop scientific research

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