Annual plan 2013

Annual plan 2013

Department of Training

The General Aspects othe Plan
1. The establishment of collaboration opportunities with some institutions (such as: the University of Gezira, the Institute of Islamicization of Knowledge, and the College of Economics & Social Studies in the University of Khartoum) has contributed in finding training chances to some of the staff members of the University of Bahri; and this is considered to be part of comprehensive training programs that paves the channels for future cooperation with these institutions. Accordingly, this type of collaboration is included with the other suggested plans for this year.
2. A number of training institutions have expressed their interest in organizing training courses jointly with the University of Bahri through their representatives such as: the Sudanese Center for Bio-Technongy and Talk-10-Sudan. Such types of training courses are considered important and beneficial for staff members of the University and are part of the futuristic plans.
3. Part of the annual plan is to find/create a form of strong collaboration with the Administration of Training in the Ministry of Higher Education to fund some of the training courses and to assist in raising funds for attending conferences and workshops abroad.
4. Allocate a portion of the University’s investments in order to create fund raising sources for conducting workshops and conferences.
5. The plan also aspires to establish a form of coordination with the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies regarding the inclusion of discussions of research proposals presented in fulfillment for higher academic degrees as part of the activities of the department of training.
6. To establish a unit for documenting (with video-cameras, advertisements, archiving, pamphlets/manuals) the activities of the deanship or to specify a permanent channel with the unit of Public Relations within the University.
7. To establish a small library within the Deanship to accommodate the books given as presents by trainers and their lectures plus any other potential sources of knowledge beneficial to researchers.

Training workshops:

1. Development of research proposals (six workshops).
2. Writing of scientific papers and publication (six workshops).
3. Using of modern technology in scientific research (six workshops).
4. The Nano technology (two workshops).
5. Molecular biology (one workshop).
6. Specialized training period for specific colleges (Media- engineering … etc.) (two workshops).
7. Techniques and Means of scientific data show (two workshops).
8. Other. In collaboration with others training bodies internally and externally(two workshops)


1. The role of documentation in scientific research.
2. The effect of session of south Sudan on the natural resources of Sudan( scientific study)
3. The repercussions of what so call Arab spring on middle east stability.
4. The roles of universities as educational institution in reducing the negative manifestation in community (colleges of medicine and community development).
5. The role of scientific research in development.


1. Reasons and the social and economic impact of migration of qualified personnel in Sudan( faculty member as an example).
2. The role of the government and civil institutions in scientific research funding


1. Media-oriented and the reasons that limit the freedom of opinion and expression.
2. The university role in development.

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