Annual plan 2012


The deanship aim at produce and develop knowledge through excellence scientific researches and link it with community needs in addition to incentive and develop the research capacities of the faculty members. To attain these objectives the deanship develop annual plan (January – December 2012) in addition to determined continuous researches priorities tile 2015, this plan is base on the following themes

Research and grants:

The deanship look forward to achieve the following target this year:-
Determining the research priorities for the year 2012-2013.
Collecting the colleges and different centre research plans, at least one research proposal for each college or centre, and look forward to get suitable funding resource for the best three research proposals.
Assist the university faculty members to compete on high education and international scholarships and grants by provision of required data.
Provisions of necessary information on important international conferences, during this year, presented to faculty members and facilitate their participation in these conferences.
Provision of necessary fund (from university or/ and private sector or/and international source) for individual or group researchers to be executed by university faculty members
To organize internal award for the best scientific research (the award of Bahri University for excellence scientific research). Contested by university faculty members.
Research Priorities for 2012-2015.
Joint researches.
The future of Collaborations between Sudan and south Sudan states ( in all field).
The role of scientific research in social change.
The role of University of Bahri in developing the local community (Bahri and east Nile locality)
Individual research’s.
Studies on Sudanese identity and the issues of conflicts in Sudan.
Researches on developing and enhancing the alternative energy.


Introduce four lectures at this year each three months, the deanship will determine the topic and date according to assessment need
Seminars and workshops:
launch twice seminars per year on ‘ Epistemology, responsibilities and ethics of scientific research’s’ Workshop on: “problems of scientific research’s” at the last quarter of the year in collaboration with quality management.

Training periods:

launch two training period on Methodology of scientific research and academic freedom.
Design identifying brochure on deanship of the research
Formation of committee for publication and Arbitrators for scientific journal.
Issue quarterly bulletin, which reflect the different activities of deanship and other universities units
Issue two version of university Journals.
Issue annual book (review book) that should contain summary of the publish research locally and international.
Support the publication of two reference books for faculty members
Translate all the basic university regulation and codes.
Issue two bulletins in English language.


consulting the university vice chancellor to allocate a certain percentage for supporting the scientific research at the university.
Contact Ministry of Higher education and scientific research for additional budget.
Contact all community sectors (including private sectors and all well supportive individual and organization to attain funding for proposed research project.
Contact the international donors and deposit requests for funding university research’s proposed project.

Data Base:

Completing the essential deanship data at university website supplemented and updated it regularly with research projects
Create databases of faculty members and their research projects.
Local and international communication and cooperation .
Develop cooperation program with South Sudan State Universities in different field of scientific research in collaboration with university international relation unit.
Sign up agreements on research activities with national and international universities.
Contact the national committee for culture, Science and education to attain a chair on one science.
Meeting with all research and studies centers in Sudan and agree on principle for collaboration.
8.5. Benefits from all qualified Sudanese scientist in Diaspora at their different specialization in development of scientific research and its applications.

Administrative requirements:

Logistically complete the establishment of the Dean of Academic research.
Complete the building of the administrative structure and human resource of the deanship.
Develop the internal regulations of the deanship that governing the work and determine the term of reference for each department.
Coordinate with university administration to establish the deanship council of scientific research.
Complete the establishment of research councils for university different colleges and centre’s

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