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Deanship of Academic Research (DAR)

With reference to the resolution of the Head of the ‘National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research’ No. (55), 2009 which stipulates in its Article (2) establishment of Deanship of academic research to transfer technology and guidance in Sudanese universities; and the resolution of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bahri No (16/A16)2011/16, on the constitution of a “Deanship of Academic Research” in the University of Bahri, the University of Bahri was established to accommodate the Northern Sudanese affiliates (i.e. staff, students and employees) within Southern Sudanese Universities of Juba, Upper Nile and Baher Elghazal after the separation of the South in 9th July 2011.
Thus, the University of Bahri is a new University in spirit and dynamism as well as a venerable, scientific and training institution having its roots in the established and internationally acknowledged heritage and excellence of distinguished universities such as the University of Juba. Moreover, the University uses a bilingual system of instruction (Arabic and English) which enables it to combine originality with the needs of the national realities and to keep abreast of scientific developments and their international language.
The University of Bahri, being cognizant of its status, past heritage and the need to meet the future challenges of distinction of input and output for its educational programs, has established an independent Deanship for Academic Research to be the first of its kind with a clear vision amongst Sudanese Universities. This vision will be realized by being a pioneer in academic research nationally, regionally and internationally; besides, it aims to base research on the needs and realities of the community in particular and humanity in general.

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