Principle Office

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Authorities of the Principal:

  • The proper performance of financial and administrative functions of the university.
  • Responsible for all documents of the university assets
  • Presiding over the committees of buildings and environment as may be determined from time to time.
  • The custody of the university common seal and the coat of arms.
  • The custody of the records, registers and title deeds of the university as may be determined from time to time by the vice-chancellor.
  • Assisting the vice-chancellor in the preparation and revision of the university development plan and the submission of progress reports thereon.
  • Assisting the vice – chancellor and his deputy in any matter referred to him, and
  • shall carry out other duties as may be assigned to him by the vice  chancellor

The Principal:

Name:  Hassan Altayeb Mohammed Magboul

Date of birth :1/1/1959

Professional experience:

  1. Assistant of academic secretary University of Juba.
  2. Public Relations and information officer- University of Juba.
  3. Services Secretary- University of Juba .
  4. Student affairs officer- University of Juba.
  5. Deputy Principal- University of Juba social and respond to phone calls and fax
  6. Follow-up meetings of the principal, record and prepare decisions resulting from these meetings and followup implementation
  7. identify the needs the Office the Procurator stationery link between the principal and the heads of departments and units
  8. Any dutiesassigned bytheprincipal ‘s
  9. Contacts: (E-mail /mob/Tel): Tel.    0911625202


    Services Secertariatebilo Departments and Units

    Director – Abdullah Belo Adam Osman

    Date of birth: 01/01/1971

    Academic qualifications:

    Bachelor – Juba University

    Master – Juba University

    Professional experience:

    • Office of the principal 8/2000- 12/2000- University of Juba
    • Office of the Academic Secretary 2001-2002- University of Juba
    • Registrar -College of Community Studies and Rural  Development   2002-2004- University of Juba.
    • Registrar- College of Medicine  2004-2007- University of Juba
    • Registrar -CollegeComputer and Information Technology  2007- 2011- University of Juba
    • Deputy secretary of personnel2010- 2012- University of Juba
    • Secretary of personnel2012 – University of Bahri.
    • Secretary for Services 2013- University of Bahri
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