Department of Peace and Conflict Studies:


This department offers students the opportunity to attain professional understanding of current peace and conflict theories, and exposes them to a variety of key perspectives on the most serious national and international challenges to world peace and security.


Department of Environmental Change and Human Security:


This department is intended to enable students analyze the extent to which environmental stress is threatening livelihood systems, and harming sustainability of fragile ecosystems.


Department of Population and Development Studies:


This department intends to highlight the inter-relation between population dynamics and human development needs, considering the mounting excessive and intensive population movement that took place in the region for the last few decades.


Scientific Research Department:


The Centre establishes a separate department to plan /explore research activities and design competitive research proposals for funding agencies in the Sudan and abroad.


Strategic Studies Department:

This department plans to organize specialized training courses on strategic planning, exploring different themes and paradigms used in the science of strategy.


Training, Capacity-Building and Awareness Department:


This department designs and provides training and short courses in areas of interest for civil servants, political parties, military and security sections.


Ph.D. Program:


This program offers opportunity for successful candidate who could make original research of  substantial contribution t o the field of peace and development studies. Doctoral program is available on research basis for 3-years duration.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to select research topics and develop sound research proposals upon which admission is secured, in addition to M.A in peace and development studies, or any other social science.

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