Conceptual Framework

The Centre has a two-fold vision:
1. A leading regional and international Centre for teaching and research in areas of peace and development studies.
2. A leading think-tank and a focal part of expertise on early-warning and conflict prevention strategies.

3. To provide a standard institute of high learning on peace and conflict studies.
2. To provide knowledge promoting spirit of understanding to and co-operation between societies.
3. To promote research presenting values to help lessen threats for regional and world peace and progress.

In this context goals are general, long-term and broad aspirations, whereas objectives are verifiable, measurable and finite.
The Centre pursues the following goals informing its objectives and policies.
1. To promote high quality learning peace on development studies of reference to the Sudan and other 3rd world societies.
2. To enhance originality and excellence in research and its dissemination and use.
3. Creates linkage between policy and research.
4. Leads awareness-raising programs among general public.

The Centre pursues the following specific objectives:
1. Design high-quality programs leading to high diploma, M.A and PhD on regular and distance learning basis.
2. Cary-out research and studies focusing on peace-building and conflict prevention issues.
3. Carry-out consultancy services and assignments for government and non-government agencies.
4. Organize conferences, symposia and short term courses for public and military services.


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