Professor. Adil Mohamed Ahmed Salman


Contact information

P.O. Box3092 Khartoum Sudan



PhD. in Preventive medicine and veterinary public health (2005).

Title: – Studies on bovine raw milk in Khartoum State.


2) Master in Veterinary Science (MVSc.) 1988

Title: – The Epidemiology of bovine Brucellosis in Khartoum State.


3) Postgraduate Diploma in statistics   1988

4) Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc.) 1978

  1. Academic Experience

University of Bahri Teaching staff 1996 –

  • Head of the Department of Preventive medicine and public health.
  • Dean – College of Veterinary Medicine – University of Bahri: 2011- 2019
  • Founder and chairman of the One Health center- 2019.

B. Field experience

  • Arab Company for Agriculture Development and Processing. (ACAP) – Dairy unit. 1989-1996
  • Ministry of Animal Resources Veterinary Quarantine Officer in various facilities. 1982 -1986

C. Teaching Experience

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate coursesEpidemiology

    Infectious diseases

    Meat inspection and veterinary public health

    Biostatistics and research methodology

    Animal health risk analysis

    Microbiological Risk Analysis (MRA)

    Chemical risk analysis

D- Postgraduate students:

     A-PhD Students :- Nine Students –

    B- MSc Students :-  Twenty three students

The research studies included:-

  • Microbiological Risk assessment of animal products
  • Brucellosis
  • Anti Microbial Resistance
  • Infectious and zoonotic diseases


The milk, meat and reproductive performance of Western Baggara and Kennana cattle in Elartiga Farm –Sudan.