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University Logo


The University of Bahri’s logo consists of:

Open books: As a source of knowledge and significance of science and academic achievement.

Small black circles behind the books: Refer to readers.

Multiple image of books & readers: Symbolizing, communication, diversity and discussion, it also gives an indication of dialogue, seminars and intonation.

Center of the circle: Containing the initials of the University in both languages (English & Arabic) for intercommunication locally, regionally and globally.

Outer frame of the logo: Is a non-traditional form of carapace indicating the universality’s uniqueness and symbolizing completeness, protection and mobility.

Green  color: Is the prevailing background that symbolize development in all fields.

Black color: A symbol of clarity and righteousness.

White color: Symbolizes purity and transparency.

University initials in English & Arabic: With some slight modification to suit with a logo as splitters for rooting and originality.

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