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Historical Background

The college of Nursing Sciences was established in 2011 as a natural extension of the school of Nursing at the Upper Nile University. It was amalgamated into the College of Medicine and Health Sciences – University of Bahri after the scession of South Sudan. It has become an independent body since 2013 as College of Nursing Science.

The College has embarked upon optimistic program aiming at renewing the curriculum, developing Nursing services and maintaining concurrency with the recent technologies in Nursing.

The ultimate target is to create progressive Nursing job at all health levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) in collaboration with the related local, regional and international organizations including World Health Organization (WHO).

The college has six academic department 🙁 basic sciences, medical surgical nursing, obs. & gyne nursing, pediatrics nursing, family& community health nursing and psychiatrics nursing).

The College offers a bachelor degree (general), postgraduate master after completing the specified duration and fulfilling all the requirements designed for each course in the corresponding programme.

The required length of study for the award of bachelor degree is four academic years(8 semesters) for general degree, and two academic years for graduate master degree.


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