The administrative board at University of Bahri, in its 9th held session, headed by Dr. Taha Ali Albashir, Chairman of Board of Directors, and Prof. Ayoob A. M. Khalil, Vice-Chancellor, approved the university’s arbitrage of 2019 which came in accordance with the guidance of both Ministry of Finance and Minstry of Higher Education. The board listened, during its session which was at the meeting’s hall at Alkadaroo’s Faculties’ Complex, to the scientific, administrative and financial report of January to December 2018, which was presented by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ayoob A. M. Khalil. The board also discussed the situation of executing the resolutions and recommendations of the previous meeting which was presented by Mr. Altayeb Hassan, University’s Principal. Moreover, the board endorsed the basic system of the ICT Centre. Then the board’s members braised the massive efforts exerted by the university’s administration as well as the achievement realized in the last year.


Edited by: Mohammed Saif

Photographed by: Ahmed Abdulkhair

Translated by: Mohammed Omer